• Please Blizzard, re-release W3:Reforged with this type of quality, not what we get last year.

    AvaelonAvaelon17 минут назад
  • Trailer is amazing, but its the music that makes it so epic. Can we have a download for the score?

    DeepsDeeps5 часов назад
  • They really do the best trailers. The Diablo 4 one is still the best trailer I have ever seen.

    H RH R6 часов назад
  • Really nice cinematics! Such a shame they are not native 4K though...

    Nico Dag ReinertNico Dag Reinert8 часов назад
  • Absolutely legendary trailer. Amazing, the music the dialogue the visuals 10/10

    Oldrin 187Oldrin 1879 часов назад

    SEXnaEXSEXnaEX9 часов назад

    ZomboZombo11 часов назад
  • Please work well on PS4!!! I am so excited! Trying not to have big expectations, but, its D2! -Prays to Lord Diablo for reassurance-

    Winfried BauerWinfried Bauer13 часов назад
  • So, I have a phone... Or should I wait three years?

    roalikroalik17 часов назад
  • now i wish in some alternate timeline these dudes handled Warcraft 3's "reforged" cinematics and all.

    infiniteinmystery35infiniteinmystery3519 часов назад
  • Patch the game for ultra-wide PLEASE!!! At least scale your ultrawide cinematics to ultrawide screens.

    Carbon14Carbon1419 часов назад
  • Hope after this release that they decide create new content like new runewords and new items.

    ElexureElexure23 часа назад
  • A game I wanted for a decade, and now I simply can't muster a single "F" to give.

    Slade LoperSlade LoperДень назад
  • Okay. I'm gonna need the BGM Track going on in the background.

    SomeGreat IdiotSomeGreat IdiotДень назад
  • Lets goooo

    evan waterevan waterДень назад
  • Oh my god, beautiful new cinematica, same delicious voice acting.

    Ajay IyerAjay IyerДень назад
  • I refunded the game Played beta everything that is a women or looks like women is basically gone refunded the game because of it will look into it when there are mods dat fixes this and at a lower price for now i keep to the original diablo 2

    Tom MinsartTom MinsartДень назад
  • All the 30+ year olds going to be on this heavy 😂 I’ll be there with you

    Chucky NineChucky NineДень назад
  • just wow

    Eric ValijaniEric ValijaniДень назад
  • Its abt time tyrael is back 👍

    leon wijaleon wijaДень назад
  • I don't support censorship of any kind. Sick of companies pandering to online activists, and folks who don't actually buy the products they complain about!

    Rolf familyRolf familyДень назад
  • might get diablo 2 on seven sail if diablo 2 get uncensored mod Activision Blizzard never gonna see my money either way

    AstolfoAstolfoДень назад
  • I still have the chills running on my back as i hear.... "Looking for Baal?!" The line what Devastated all of my melee characters. The Lord of Close Combat. Duriel.

    Archonof DoomArchonof DoomДень назад
  • Can we just all agree Blizzard should go back to its roots? This remake is a step in the right direction.

    ThaznarThaznarДень назад
  • Never really knew much about this game honestly, but this ad was metal af and now I want it.

    PrustyTatchesPrustyTatchesДень назад
  • Жду сильно 23 сентября

    Skychno 55Skychno 55День назад
  • Stay a while and listen.

    AkihabaraAkihabaraДень назад
  • Est... Sempre verso est...

    Alessandro 1988Alessandro 1988День назад
  • Better Than Diablo 3. Diablo 4 Questionable.

    Elite Dark TemplarElite Dark TemplarДень назад
  • That looks amazing! I am so excited to play it!!!

    RavRavДень назад
  • I came.

    Froggy The KidFroggy The KidДень назад
  • But obviously the female characters still ugly for pander the woke culture than listen the fanbase right? thanks...i dont care about the graphics, i care about the beautiful female characters and there are none of them in this "resurrected"...i cant support it, sorry.

    skyuruskyuruДень назад
    • Im sure you can find a suitable waifu simulator out there

      Kendo121Kendo121День назад
    • @June2 yeah bye

      skyuruskyuruДень назад
    • k bye

      June2June2День назад

    Benjamin PeukertBenjamin Peukert2 дня назад
  • Does Tyrael have a new voice? Why?

    Pontus JakobssonPontus Jakobsson2 дня назад
  • 1:22

    Tuc LanceTuc Lance2 дня назад
  • I understand why it is not possible for cross play between console and pc, but can someone please explain why it is not possible between consoles? I really want to play this game on ps5 with my friend on Xbox and from what I understand, this will not be possible :(. Someone please explain why?

    Scott ParkinsonScott Parkinson2 дня назад
  • Its so expensive tho... $70 for the normal version? I feel $50 would be more reasonable.

    CozznoskiCozznoski2 дня назад
    • 70 ? On console ?

      Thrass ThrakThrass ThrakДень назад
  • Can’t wait! My anticipation is building

    Kevin SaeteurnKevin Saeteurn2 дня назад
  • When does consels get a full Version of Diablo2? No lobbys, no way to trade, no high gear, no Endgame. Stop deleting my comment, because you cant answere my question.

    bigger Benbigger Ben2 дня назад
  • That's nice work there, Marius. Goofball.

    Farty TowelsFarty Towels2 дня назад
  • "server down"

    StevoxStevox2 дня назад
  • 4K60FPS?

    Алексей КривцовАлексей Кривцов2 дня назад
  • Nice trailer... It's just too bad the actual game was ruined!

    Casey SmithCasey Smith2 дня назад
  • No mods. Dead game in 2 weeks

    Agucho ShoahAgucho Shoah2 дня назад
  • lets go

    RyanRyan2 дня назад
  • Where is ultrawide support? Fix the game to make it happen.

    PsykromPsykrom2 дня назад
  • Add cross play so I have a reason to buy another preorder for my Xbox so I can play with my wife!

    OuttamytreeOuttamytree2 дня назад
  • Ok take my money 💰

    Sachin RupareliaSachin Ruparelia2 дня назад
  • That was one of the beat game trailers I have ever seen… seriously

    Michael KatelyMichael Kately2 дня назад
  • I wonder if the other act cinematics will be released on Thursday along with the game

    Michael PutneyMichael Putney2 дня назад
  • Don't buy Diablo2 Ressurected for consoles. They didn't even make a console / controller interface like they did in Diablo 3. Playing is a pain. You have to move the "pointer" like in Diablo 1 on the PSX. This is insanely annoying. Avoid it, they just reskin and scam it.

    ManiakManiak3 дня назад

    Romeo SamuderaRomeo Samudera3 дня назад
  • I thought it was Some 3rd person game Like Dark Souls lol. but it has Bird eye view.

    Apoorva RajApoorva Raj3 дня назад
  • And still not a legit movie after 20 years... Not even talks. It's a crime

    Nick IvanovNick Ivanov3 дня назад
  • The prime evils will be stopped at the cost of 39.99

    xeramoxeramo3 дня назад
  • *WOOOOooooooW The Diablo looks freaking AWESOME, can't wait. I made a pre-order! )*

    SethSeth3 дня назад
  • for $40 it really would have been nice if this was diablo 1 & 2....

    GPSXBXGPSXBX3 дня назад
  • Blizzard was always ahead on there cinematic in the pc market.

    DalamartmDalamartm3 дня назад
  • что за боевик вы сделали из Дибло? А ещё голос Тираэля звучит слабовато...

    Евгений ШироковскихЕвгений Широковских3 дня назад
  • Freaking amazing, outstanding.

    Johnny PattersonJohnny Patterson3 дня назад
  • Good job , trailer guy

    ZerkZerk3 дня назад
  • Its also coming to Xbox One as well, I have seen it in the Xbox One store, and it says Xbox One as well as the Xbox series

    Kassandra HernblomKassandra Hernblom3 дня назад
  • Now we need Warcraft 2 and 3 remade and we're set

    Jeff the Grave GuyJeff the Grave Guy3 дня назад
  • badass

    scott murphyscott murphy3 дня назад
  • Good

    행동행동3 дня назад
  • I just wish Blizzard wasn't so garbage with their toxic culture..l I love this franchise a lot, but I probably won't get it until they clean up as a company.

    Mahalleinir_WoTMahalleinir_WoT3 дня назад
  • Time to relive my childhood 😍😍

    Nicky German LGR FANNicky German LGR FAN4 дня назад
  • to any diablo 3 players....this is what diablo is supposed to look like lol.

    Kyle SKyle S4 дня назад
  • And suddenly everyone forgets about the lawsuit.

    Gustavo MoralesGustavo Morales4 дня назад
  • When Diablo 4 comes, I will pretend that to be the actual Diablo 3.

    Tor-ErikTor-Erik4 дня назад
    • haha so true

      Valère GermainValère Germain2 дня назад
  • And yet there are people who wishes Diablo Resurected failed

    george william gutarra camposgeorge william gutarra campos4 дня назад
  • This looks good! Now do a remaster of this remaster in 20 years.

    TectonicaTectonica4 дня назад
  • so D4 is the continuation of D2

    Jacques junior FatalJacques junior Fatal4 дня назад
  • I have no idea what’s going on but that looks cool

    PommeDeterPommeDeter4 дня назад
  • Do not claim any of this negative energy

    EdouardWasHereEdouardWasHere4 дня назад
  • LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO said everyone and roled a mf sorc

    k4TOk4TO4 дня назад
  • Anyone know the music?

    Capitol CPTCapitol CPT4 дня назад
  • will pre order get early access ?

    VolrathyVolrathy4 дня назад
  • How they feel about Diablo needing to be stopped at all costs is how I feel about animal agriculture. I wasn't vegan in the 2000s but I am now. I'm coming for you... TYSON!

    Sam SmithSam Smith4 дня назад
    • Dumbest comment award goes to...

      LaFonteCheViLaFonteCheVi3 дня назад
  • I just cant wait any longer!

    8i88i84 дня назад
  • I’ve never even played this franchise before but this cinematic was really well done.

    JackJack4 дня назад
  • And Blizzard said years ago they couldn’t do anything to remaster. Now it seems they’ve done it. And proper. Very good.

    elchugilitoelchugilito4 дня назад
  • *How much stash space will you get?* It better be infinite, or it’s a no-go for me. I’m sick of stash space being a premium feature.

    flexibleaspectflexibleaspect4 дня назад
    • @LaFonteCheVi You get extra stash space for buying D3 expansions… that makes stash space a premium feature. In other words, they charge money for more stash space because they know it’s a great way to manipulate people. If I’m only interested in single-player, I shouldn’t have to spend time juggling inventory. I just want all the stuff I’ve ever collected to go into a searchable database that I can pick from anytime I want. There’s still the motivation to find better instances of each weapon, it’s just the constant inventory juggling that is a waste of time.

      flexibleaspectflexibleaspect3 дня назад
    • 1 Private stash and 3 shared. Stash space is not infinite nor should it be. Trade requires scarcity and unlimited space doesn't require or encourage trading. Secondly, storage space has never been a "premium", whatever that means.

      LaFonteCheViLaFonteCheVi3 дня назад
  • I'm throbbing with anticipation.

    J. S.J. S.4 дня назад
  • You better not replace the original goddamn game

    Midge MidgeMidge Midge4 дня назад
  • The remastered cinematics are great but this trailer is just kind of a really strange mashup that probably comes off as more confusing than exciting for all the zoomers who didn't grow up playing this game.

    largelysubatomiclargelysubatomic4 дня назад
  • The cinematics are amazing, shame, the new game's graphics is not interessant, and the characters (amazon, druid, assa...) are ugly.

    trukyboytrukyboy4 дня назад
    • U wouldn't see their face with helmet on, so no biggy

      JackJack4 дня назад
  • my favorite game remastered - Merry Christmas to all and to all a good stay a while and listen

    Y0utub3meY0utub3me5 дней назад
  • 20 years ago i started to play d2 as a kid, now i will return back to diablo 2 with my two kids. One word thanks. (sorry for my english).

    Lorena Sevilla mataLorena Sevilla mata5 дней назад
  • Back to the good ole days when Deckard Cain was alive.

    WhovianForeverWhovianForever5 дней назад
  • I love diablo, but for that amount I refuse to buy it, when it's at a price who knows!

    Benicio SinkBenicio Sink5 дней назад
    • @LaFonteCheVi in my country the value is equivalent to 20% of a month of work, it is unrealistic to pay this in a remake.

      Benicio SinkBenicio Sink3 дня назад
    • Found the poor person

      LaFonteCheViLaFonteCheVi3 дня назад

    Infinity MasterInfinity Master5 дней назад

    100 Push-Ups Guy100 Push-Ups Guy5 дней назад
  • The skies shall rain fire and the seas will become as blood!

    Keerthi RaoKeerthi Rao5 дней назад
  • I can't wait to see how good the final cutscene with Tyrael and the world stone will look. It is one of my all-time favorites!

    spartanjohn1178spartanjohn11785 дней назад
  • Fix warcraft 3

    BloodstarBloodstar5 дней назад
    • never going to happened, they got ur coin already. no way they will waste resource on that game

      JackJack4 дня назад
  • I remember staying up many nights playing this. Time to do it again. I am very excited

    niddg viiutniddg viiut5 дней назад
  • hmm in terms of the 3 brothers, I prefer their original designs. the new ones funnily enough look more flat and fake to me.

    Diddy MeloneDiddy Melone5 дней назад
    • Uh, these are their original designs. The only cinematics were full of errors and artistic mistakes due to a different studio creating them. Diablo's face in the original act 3 cinematic was entirely wrong.

      LaFonteCheViLaFonteCheVi3 дня назад