Do Chairs Exist?

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Metametaphysics (Eds. David Chalmers, David Manley, Ryan Wasserman)
An Introduction to Metametaphysics (Tahko)
Material Beings (Peter Van Inwagen)
Objects and Persons (Trenton Merricks)
Ordinary Objects (Amie Thomasson)
Ontology Made Easy (Amie Thomasson)
Ontology, Modality and the Fallacy of Reference (Michael Jubien)
Objects: Nothing our of the Ordinary (Daniel Z. Korman)
Composition as Identity (eds. Cotnoir, Baxter)
Truth and Ontology (Trenton Merricks)
Austere Realism (Horgan and Potrc)
The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are (Alan Watts)


Thinking about Things (Jubien):
There are no Ordinary Things (Unger):
Against Parthood (Sider):
A Sweater Unraveled (Sidelle):
On What There Is (Quine):
Two Dogmas of Empiricism (Quine):
Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology (Carnap):
Many-One Identity (Baxter):
Oneness, Aspects, and the Neo-Confucians (Baxter):
Why the debate about composition is factually empty (Balaguer):


SONGS (in order of use):

What's Out There (Christopher Baron)
Sleeping Dragon (Rob Kelly | Duncan Pittock)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Oliver Ledbury)
Political Manoeuvres (Christopher Baron)
Desolate Dream (Sarah Ozelle)
Moon Men (Jake Chudnow)
Hope Is Alive Toolkit (Erick DeVore)
Lazy Daze (Barrie Gledden)
Why So Blue (Chris Norton | Frank Mizen)
Revitalize 2 (Barrie Gledden | Steve Dymond)
Smooth Rhodes (Geoffrey Keezer)
Mississippi Mirage (Jeremy Sherman)
Broadway Dawn (Paul Michael Harris | Simon)
Orbits (Giovanni Antonio Parricelli)
Keep Your Chin Up (David Kelly | Paul Michael Harris)
Forgotten Tears (David O'Brien)
Tiny Suspect (Sue Verran)
Strictly Mambo (Christopher Ashmore)
Funky Rhodes (Geoffrey Keezer)
Sly Spy (Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock)
Car Full of Spiders (Chris Blackwell)
Houston Keys (Geoffrey Keezer)
I Can See the Sea (Neil Williams | Gerard)
Skinny Dipper 3 (Bob Bradley | Matt Sanchez | Steve Dymond | Josh Weller)
Martinique (Ray Davies)
G And T Sunset (Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner)
Tribeca (Tim Garland | Joseph Locke | Geoffrey Keezer)
Doug's Demise (Bryce Jacobs)
Peaceful Beginnings (Bob Bradley | Thomas Balmforth | Chris Egan)
BEYOND (Alter Natural | VIUS):
Bell Theory (Oriol Sirinathsingh)
Swamp Dude (Bruce Bouton | Neil Williams)




  • I don't even know if chairs do exist or i just sit on a pile of atoms

    qwar.zqwar.z2 минуты назад
  • ????????????????????

    Koby BrontzKoby Brontz6 минут назад
  • "The problem of the many" *Clicks the knife open*

    Vladislav KovechenkovVladislav Kovechenkov13 минут назад
  • This man could make me question my own existence

    xxnoelxxxxnoelxx16 минут назад
  • 🙃🙃🙃🙃

    ShalomShalom22 минуты назад
  • yes of course they exist

    2W102W1022 минуты назад
  • that was weird

    yeah rightyeah right23 минуты назад
  • SUS?!?!?!?!

    BoineBoine23 минуты назад
  • wait am i floating?

    rainyrainy24 минуты назад
  • 36:15 this is similar to the statement that "mind is what the brain does"

    Anuj AroraAnuj Arora28 минут назад
  • I can't believe I watched a video on semantics with some existential philosophy for 30+ minutes

    VuukVuuk28 минут назад
  • For whoever cares, the "simulation code language" is just made up of Japanese letters

    NiMkoTlaGiNiMkoTlaGi38 минут назад
  • Really good and funny video.

    the gevinthe gevin44 минуты назад
  • I'm always undecided as to whether I hate or love this kind of philosophy. It's terribly unpragmatic but really interesting

    NiMkoTlaGiNiMkoTlaGi52 минуты назад
  • How did I not get this in my sub box!!! This video brought me back to when he first started making videos. I feel like my love for learning and science wouldn't be the same without vsauce

    Thomas MarriottThomas Marriott57 минут назад
  • man i wanna knwo the thought process of the philosophers who came up with all this, like one day they were like "yeah this is not what it is but simply built as we think it is"

    CabooeyCabooeyЧас назад
  • Thanks for chair-ing Michael! -Vsauce

    Andy BAndy BЧас назад
  • "I am not a thing that dies and becomes scattered. I AM death . I AM the scattering." Very powerful. Loved this video!

    Ellen SkowronekEllen SkowronekЧас назад
  • I feel like if Michael wanted to be a one man David lynch, he could. He has the acting down, the writing, the knowledge, the cinematography, the mise em scene, the editing, the production, he's got it all

    Eric YEric YЧас назад
  • It's like asking a lot of philosophical questions and then you just get "Do chairs exist?"

    LoneLoneЧас назад
  • Chairs don’t exist

    Michael bayMichael bayЧас назад
  • Sus. Amog us

    George MacsimGeorge MacsimЧас назад
  • i am not the rolling wheels i am the highway

    Artur InArtur InЧас назад
  • 19:28 new meme clip just dropped

    Extremely MemelyExtremely MemelyЧас назад
  • That was fuuu... crazy!

    Ryan WRyan WЧас назад
  • I wish he had a podcast as long as it didn't effect his main show

    Ryan WRyan WЧас назад
  • Me: "Man, I love Vsauce. It's so Educational." Also Me: *Terrified*

    Benjamin TiceBenjamin TiceЧас назад
  • When the singularity happens and AI turns against us, we'll have to keep Michael safe. I feel he has information they want.

    ManWithBeard1990ManWithBeard1990Час назад
  • *quietly adds to list of videos to have an existential crisis to*

    amalthyaaamalthyaaЧас назад
  • so bassiclly hes saying something then he just says fuck you be normal

    ZhaxxyZhaxxy2 часа назад
  • Maybe I'm not understanding your point about the ordering of properties/adjectives, but not all languages do this the same way. English has a very particular adjective order like you said, but Japanese is usually ordered by emphasis. In Spanish and many other languages, nouns come first. Please help me understand if I'm missing something :)

    Cameron CavenderCameron Cavender2 часа назад
  • why ?

    WaguinhO ;WaguinhO ;2 часа назад
  • me: sitting on a chair michael: do chairs exist? me: *falls on the ground*

    Zsolt BíróZsolt Bíró2 часа назад
  • “The more sus they become” Impostor moment

    pawsryanTVpawsryanTV2 часа назад
  • Michael is 4K?

    pawsryanTVpawsryanTV2 часа назад
  • do i exist?

    Nolan NolanNolan Nolan2 часа назад
  • The real question is: does anything truly exist?

    pawsryanTVpawsryanTV2 часа назад
  • no

    hubblehubble2 часа назад
  • Michael... did you check WHY the chair is SALTY?

    Dinh Trung CheDinh Trung Che2 часа назад
  • Not finished with this video, but at what point can you say *what* exists? An atom is a composite, so it mustn't exist; protons & neutrons are just composites of quarks, so they don't exist. The extent of my knowledge of chemistry breaks down here (no pun intended), so I'm not really sure if quarks exist or if there is something smaller too.

    MeTakingAStandMeTakingAStand2 часа назад
  • yeah I'm just gonna admit this is a whole lot of bs, none of these arguments can ever be true because they all build in incorrections. The only one that is even close to some sort of objective reality is the "false but close enough to be nearly real". Like nothing aside from the building blocks, what we understand as the fundamental particles, is truly clearly defined, but like even them are fundamentally uncertain, with all quantum randomness and tunneling etc. so if we go down this logic nothing in existence exists at all but clearly that's incorrect. if we allow that to be true then nothing else matters and we don't have to talk about it anymore. and so we might as well focus on things that matter to us, and by that definition chairs and all other odrinary items exist because we defined those things into existance

    Lily SuzanneLily Suzanne2 часа назад
  • Today my brain cells had a good bath and became clean!

    Dr.StrangeDr.Strange3 часа назад
  • my freaking BRAIN! i can never leave a vsauce video without a headache but also reevaluating my entire existence

    Tianna GrahamTianna Graham3 часа назад
  • >sus out Michael. Did you just make "sus" a verb?

    Blaher PingijnoBlaher Pingijno3 часа назад
  • Perception is fun.

    nishbrownnishbrown3 часа назад
  • "A chair is still a chair, even when there's no one sittin' there But a chair is not a house and a house is not a home When there's no one there to hold you tight And no one there you can kiss goodnight"

    Metagross125Metagross1253 часа назад
  • the island cant easily change its properties, the "incar" can

    JmbjJmbj3 часа назад
  • I'm very happy to see a mainstream video introducing this subject. Ontology is a subject I have passionately studied for years. I would love to see Michael explain more advanced concepts like Epistemology, Spiral dynamics, Non Duality, or Ego Development Theory. To expose others to the more Esoteric and Epistemic phenomena that denotes our human experiences. “Sariputra, form does not differ from emptiness, emptiness does not differ from form. That which is form is emptiness, that which is emptiness form. The same is true of feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness.”

    Chris HristovChris Hristov3 часа назад
  • This is just semantics

    Ben StevensonBen Stevenson3 часа назад
  • That was profound

    Beefy PeanutsBeefy Peanuts3 часа назад
  • Michael: Chairs aren't real. They can't hurt you. Me: But they're chair-ing. I can feel it.

    aswer huioaswer huio3 часа назад
  • good vid 🪑🪑🪑🪑

    Skyline6sSkyline6s3 часа назад
  • Michael: For example. Audience: okay? Michael: **pulls out a slice of cheese from under his shirt** Everyone: The hell did that cheese came from?

    JohannStuffJohannStuff3 часа назад
  • 37:53 minutes of Michael's ontological intuition that there is a substantial 'Self' to justify that chairs exist.

    Mayank PandeyMayank Pandey4 часа назад
    • we bite taste smell. Me writing this: Well im not v sauce so DONT EXPECT ME TO SPEAK FAX OK?

      aswer huioaswer huio3 часа назад
  • Yes yes yes you are back

    Naveed HasanNaveed Hasan4 часа назад
  • My brain hurts....

    Waving OceanWaving Ocean4 часа назад
  • Soooo A half is both a whole and 2 quarters at once as well as a half. What the fuck

    Teddy VisionTeddy Vision4 часа назад
  • Craziest thing (for the non-believers, I think its awesome as a believer and not remotely crazy) about all this is that Christian theologians have actually addressed this under some conceptions of shadows and types (which conventionally applies to prophesy in act and not by word, but can also be demonstrated in nature less conventionally) and the spiritual application of the breath of life which be the image of God that gives us sentience. That says to us our souls and our conceptions of the material realm are applied in a comparable recognition of the perfect but which we can not be directly seen but are only known to exist and that our bodies as they reside currently are but a temporary host to our being which be the soul. What will come to be is a refurbishing (not a replacement) of our bodies in a renewed and revived Earth (not a replaced one) where for those saved by full faith in Christ the lacking aspects of our being which be confusion, misery, and hatred will be burned away and replaced with a perfect knowledge, joy, and most importantly love. Hosting of the material realm to that which goes beyond the material realm is much akin to an admission of a place beyond it. Now to a degree this resides against Colossians 2:8 where many could be taken by empty philosophy of the tradition of men, however to take it as an interesting conception and not a definite position especially when some sides reside on a boundary to the Truth, there is nothing prohibiting contemplation if they do not steal our presence "according to Christ".

    MegaCake1234MegaCake12344 часа назад
  • I think Michael arrived at a very esoteric/Buddhist conclusion at the end. Eckhart Tolle says "Life is the dancer and you are the dance".

    KINGatLIFEKINGatLIFE4 часа назад
  • Boil-O is a brand name, the generic name boil additive. It’s like the Kleenex / tissue paper thing

    909sickle909sickle4 часа назад
  • Chairs have been really quiet since this video dropped

    MartinGudmundsenMartinGudmundsen4 часа назад
  • Watching a Vsauce video is like having a fun existential crisis.

    KINGatLIFEKINGatLIFE5 часов назад
  • I think that a chair is a chair as long as it reselbmes something that could be used be someone to sit on it. It can be turned to a table or a hanger as well if it's used as one even after it loses it's initial "chair" characteristics. And as i see it it's all in our mind, naming things by observation out of inability to perceive their true nature. It's magical though that by realizing that there's more than meets the eye we get driven to search more and create everything even by imagination touching something that some samed it "divine". Thank you VSauce for scraching that chair!

    UndergroundUnderground5 часов назад
    • What if you ask me to grab you a chair and I bring in a rock I sat on when camping? I think most people will say that is a rock, not a chair even if it can be used as a chair.

      NO NONO NO4 часа назад
  • Being a programmer, I do not appreciate this video. OOP PTSD

    apostolis anastasiouapostolis anastasiou5 часов назад
  • Hehe funny 🪑🪑🪑

    bowtiepuppy 08bowtiepuppy 085 часов назад
  • michael i zoned out for 5 seconds and we're already learning about the secrets of the universe.

    Salty CrackerSalty Cracker5 часов назад
  • Nah he 🪑

    YeshYesh5 часов назад
  • Next video: what is food Him: food is like what we eat and when u eat it geos to ur body but if u can bite anything like eating, well everything is food? First we need to know how we bite taste smell. Me writing this: Well im not v sauce so DONT EXPECT ME TO SPEAK FAX OK?

    TutorialForGamersTutorialForGamers5 часов назад
  • I think that Greek philosophers once called the SIMPLE "an atom" (=this that can't be cut/divided). So i guess we are using the word wrong as it is(was) actually a title for todays "simples". I bet there are many people knowing this but as it is a truth known to few, we tend to choose the common-usualy-wrong way instead of the right one when there's no negative concequences. We people sure are at least lazy.

    UndergroundUnderground5 часов назад
  • @Dani ✔ I just got an ad about a movie with Michael Myers 🤣🤣 (I'm writing it here because I somehow can't reply on his comment but I want to post it. lol.)

    LucasLucas5 часов назад
  • Vsus

    PianoMusic OfficialPianoMusic Official5 часов назад
  • r/showerthoughts be like

    ZyxFyZyxFy5 часов назад
  • this man had a slice of cheese in his chest for a good 3 mins

    Carlos MullerCarlos Muller5 часов назад
  • Holy crap - was this done in one take???

    dzfz2100dzfz21005 часов назад
  • I think function is also an important part. Wood composed into the same structure as in the video can support other objects up off the ground without collapsing. But so can bricks arranged in a similar way. We can use both the wooden arrangement and brick arrangement to "sit", or to rest other objects on them. One might be more comfortable to perceive when sitting than another, but we can still sit on them both. Comfortability or lack of pain is also an important quality to a chair. If we can only sit on an arrangement if matter for a millisecond before jumping right back up off of it, say if we sat on a chair with a few staples protruding from it's surface, then that wouldn't be a chair in the functional sense. If you look at it you'd see a chair with staples protruding, but it wouldn't serve the function of a chair. So, how long would we be able to sit on an arrangement of simples before we can assign it the form of a chair? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? As long as we can until our butts feel that sort of chronic pain? Amazibg video. Just highlights how our brains try to shortcut and make life as easy as possible, and that that reality might be different that "the" reality

    Nick SchrombeckNick Schrombeck5 часов назад
  • We are Ontological parasites? Sounds very much like what Adi Sankara's teachings in his Advaita Vedanta analysis. I would encourage you to read more on "Nirukthi", "Nyaya" and other "Vedangas" about "Adhikaranam", "Nitya-Anitya vevikam" etc. Also thinking about the concept "relative and comparative permenance of simples ". Good going. Thanks. 👍🏽

    Prasanth AriyannurPrasanth Ariyannur6 часов назад
  • Banger once again. !!!🍻

    Gmotion EDCGmotion EDC6 часов назад
  • therefore there are no definations

    a ba b6 часов назад
  • No, they do not.

    alphabexticalalphabextical6 часов назад
  • 6:04 "As a car leaves a garage, an incar diminishes at the treshold until it collapses into non-existence" I love that concept

  • What if physicists find a fundamental particle and call it “the chair particle.” Thus there is a simple called chair and chairs do exist. Checkmate.

    Jared AitkenJared Aitken6 часов назад
  • Everybody gangster till you point your flashlight at Michaels face in a dark room 😂

    XΣΠΩ Π7XΣΠΩ Π76 часов назад
  • You need to think about Triggers broom...

    Steve PomfretSteve Pomfret6 часов назад
  • Thank you for taking my sanity

    Just a NINTENDO fan:DJust a NINTENDO fan:D6 часов назад
  • Michael talking for 38 Minutes wheðer chairs exist or not...

    Soju JulienSoju Julien6 часов назад
  • My RUhome recommendation is getting weird for sure

    Just a NINTENDO fan:DJust a NINTENDO fan:D6 часов назад
  • He really pulled out a slice of swiss cheeze from under his shirt.

    Travis WattersTravis Watters6 часов назад
  • It's my first time hearing Vsauce Like or indeed say the SUS Words

    Sisi Depan MukaSisi Depan Muka6 часов назад
  • This kind of philosophy is the mental equivalent to an optical illusion. Just because you might be able to make a convoluted statement about a "trog" being relatively equivalent to a bikini doesn't mean that it's in any way useful or meaningful. A bikini's top and bottom pieces both serve a similar purpose, to cover a piece of a body while swimming. There is no connection or purpose for relating a tree and a dog just because they happen to be near each other.

    Colin LaGesseColin LaGesse7 часов назад
  • Sus? Really? …Ewgh

    JamesJames7 часов назад
  • Great intro

    KariKari7 часов назад
  • Philosophy: The art of inventing fancy words

    Captain StroonCaptain Stroon7 часов назад
  • If "chair" is a plural, it is more similar to "a pair of books" than a "these books"

    Ice DragonIce Dragon7 часов назад
  • I never heard "simples" outside of car insurance adverts, I head of "atoms" instead. prolog uses atoms and c++ has "atomic" operations.

    Tristan WibberleyTristan Wibberley7 часов назад
  • If I have an existential crisis, do I need to be referred to an ontologist?

    Tristan WibberleyTristan Wibberley7 часов назад
  • For some people in the comments, i think he meant sus as sustainable, not suspicous

    AstroFahlAstroFahl7 часов назад
    • exactly

      sahilolsahilol3 часа назад
  • What is wrong with eyelashes? I like them, they taste good

    ZoultZoult7 часов назад
    • Eyelash a part, i have a paradox. If you consider an object existant by physical presence, we never die? Because when we die we obviously lose total control of any part of our body, but we will always exist because our dead bodies exist physically. We consider a "dead person" a person that lost the control of his body's parts and can't obviously talk, communicate, relate with others, but "my paradox" is that a person dies... Mentally? How can i say it... Everything but not physically, because the dead bodies will exist, EVEN if the body is cremated: The dust still exist, is always the dead body but body-wised differently. Am i right?

      ZoultZoult7 часов назад