The Visitor [Dream SMP]

dream's been punching obsidian for three months
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  • forgot to spam this mid-stream but EVERYBODY SUBSCRIBE I NEED 9 MIL FOR MY EGO

    TechnobladeTechnoblade8 дней назад
    • Good luck tecno with your cancer I love your vids :)

      Rosacorn 💖Rosacorn 💖2 часа назад
    • Hello technoblade

      Ally ChapinAlly Chapin2 часа назад
    • hey teachno i know how to take out dream

      Vikas GuptaVikas Gupta8 часов назад
    • Hi Techno

      Daw Lum NawDaw Lum Naw10 часов назад
    • Ok

      Soham DeshmukhSoham Deshmukh11 часов назад
  • 1:39 Do you suck or blow

    Iris KIris K20 минут назад
  • All the people that are not subscribed to tecnoblade........ Keep going >:) Now.... SUBSCRIBED TO TECNOBLADE OR YOU DIE TO NIGHT>:) I'm whaching you:) 😈

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  • Techno blade I'm so into your videos I love them

    Ashley ErkingerAshley Erkinger33 минуты назад
  • 9mil lets go

    PromazingPromazing45 минут назад
  • Then poss it to have 3 blocks in the middle then make an infinite water source using the bucket from the water in the cauldron and toilet after that make a portal in the lava wall then place the lectern next to it and use a lava bucket to catch it on fire to light the portal then escape through the nether

    Tysec 09Tysec 0946 минут назад
  • Did dreams video come out yet

    Ellis OdonnellEllis Odonnell49 минут назад
  • Techno to escape you need a bucost so ask vsorry nicely like you did for the potatoes say you need it to drink. Then break the 2 Gl owstone and the chest

    Tysec 09Tysec 0950 минут назад
  • No more cancer?

    Ali AyAli AyЧас назад

    Fxp🥱💤Fxp🥱💤3 часа назад
  • Bruh

    Maks BrokosMaks Brokos3 часа назад
  • that timeing is incredible philza Techoblade neva dies

    Ash RizAsh Riz3 часа назад
  • Technoblade be becare full plss cancer

    Tiger DawarTiger Dawar3 часа назад
    • Cancer sucks help him through it plss

      Mr. Diamonds6000Mr. Diamonds60003 часа назад
    • 😓😓😓 😓😓☹️☹️☹️☹️

      Tiger DawarTiger Dawar3 часа назад
    • Bc of cancer

      Tiger DawarTiger Dawar3 часа назад
  • i love u techno

    Gurpreet Singh SidhuGurpreet Singh Sidhu4 часа назад
  • Today is 1 year anniversary for being a dsmp member 🎉🎉🎉

    Johan BlohmJohan Blohm4 часа назад
  • when you go to destroy the prison don't forget to take the NETHERITE BLOCKS

    kreed mckreed mc4 часа назад
  • :D

    Abbey EAbbey E4 часа назад
  • I must never subscribe

    das dasdas das4 часа назад
  • I remembered that my friend just said “TECHNOBLADE never DIES!!!” Then I realized that:Did she know Techno?

    DreamyWasXDDreamyWasXD4 часа назад
  • His 1-year anniversary of the Dream SMP

    MiahairraMiahairra4 часа назад
  • Epic

    oversnowoversnow5 часов назад
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    Ik a nameIk a name5 часов назад
  • Now pls save dreeeam

    Dexter GamingDexter Gaming5 часов назад
  • Quackity and Dream: *doing serious lore* Techno: Nahhhhhh brooooo.

    Divya ShettyDivya Shetty5 часов назад
  • No chance that timing

    samuel grunstsamuel grunst6 часов назад
  • Congrats on 9 mil

    Don't Visit This ChannelDon't Visit This Channel6 часов назад
  • I put to your teeth 17:26

    Zhongli 6000Zhongli 60006 часов назад
  • upload more

    Ognal RaimondiOgnal Raimondi6 часов назад
  • Philza is getting *old* he needed eyeglasses for reading

    Charley'S_ DreAmBoATCharley'S_ DreAmBoAT6 часов назад
  • Hi bro did you defeat cancer?

    Guest and friendsGuest and friends6 часов назад
  • Technoblade how did you get good at pvp as you can tell im horrible by my content (._.)

    Sp3cSp3c6 часов назад

    Jude FischerJude Fischer6 часов назад
  • Techno is really a legend

    Ruth JumawanRuth Jumawan7 часов назад
  • Quakity after being outsmarted : just give me the revival book

    Bat ma scripterBat ma scripter7 часов назад
  • Dave

    AlxkaAlxka7 часов назад
  • I hope the cancer stops

    The UnkownThe Unkown7 часов назад
  • Go save dream plan:idk

    TIENTIEN7 часов назад
  • We reached 9 mil!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Natalia BizcochoNatalia Bizcocho7 часов назад

    EpicGamingEpicGaming7 часов назад
  • Techno is back bois

    EnderdefendrEnderdefendr7 часов назад

    Giyuu GGGiyuu GG7 часов назад
  • BadBoyHalo

    Mincraft server tutorialsMincraft server tutorials7 часов назад
  • Techno can you say MABUHAY :3

    CshaunCCshaunC7 часов назад
  • 0:11 - “It’s been so long, bro. I-I-“ Me: That’s what she said!

    Mr. Magistral MalikMr. Magistral Malik7 часов назад
  • i have no subs :(

    Mincraft server tutorialsMincraft server tutorials7 часов назад
  • When is the next lore broooo

    NithinNithin7 часов назад
  • wow is this the technical scimitar

    GinyuForceEnjoyer943GinyuForceEnjoyer9438 часов назад
  • Happy birthday techno!

    FX the F͞a͞t͞ C͞a͞t͞FX the F͞a͞t͞ C͞a͞t͞8 часов назад
  • Post

    phill shiffleyphill shiffley8 часов назад
  • 9 mil pog

    SCPSCP8 часов назад
  • Bro go easy on phil he’s old so he can’t read a BOOK

    GameMasterGameMaster8 часов назад
  • Take a shot everytime techno says bro

    LaCaneLaCane8 часов назад
  • Bro, techno loves saying bro bro

    LaCaneLaCane8 часов назад
  • Save dream

    Layla NuarLayla Nuar8 часов назад
  • He is the best RUhomer I have ever see no body will take his place Let pray for him he successfully fight with his cancer "TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES NOT EVEN CLOSE"

    Keyurshantilaljain JainKeyurshantilaljain Jain8 часов назад
  • Love 💖💖 techonoblade amo seu canal ❤️❤️❤️

    Gustavo SKBR_OFCGustavo SKBR_OFC8 часов назад
  • If you log out your pearl will disappear unless you stayed logged for 3 months

    David HernandezDavid Hernandez8 часов назад
  • your horse is thesame name of me cause my name is Thomas Carl

    jerrythomas carldavejerrythomas carldave8 часов назад
  • Techno are you okay? Do you have cancer ?

    ♡GirlNinja_xdbearliaplayz♡♡GirlNinja_xdbearliaplayz♡9 часов назад
  • 17:35 Technoblade: if you wish to defeat me, keep wishing

    Billy CBilly C9 часов назад
  • Tecno might beat dream in a fight but he can never beat dream in clutching haha

    Abir AhmedAbir Ahmed9 часов назад
    • @corey williams corey williams sorry sir i didnt understand

      Abir AhmedAbir Ahmed4 часа назад
    • I am technoblade manager and I will sue you for 1 million for bully

      corey williams corey williamscorey williams corey williams7 часов назад
  • where are the vids ey??

    melina jalalimelina jalali9 часов назад
  • 14:48 Note to self - Do not point out the flaws in your enemies' plans Unless you're Technoblade, then you can go ham with that

    :D Lurkn Ssprdyllc:D Lurkn Ssprdyllc9 часов назад
  • Technoblade never die he have to recover Cancer♋

    yt's gameryt's gamer9 часов назад
  • 1:36 - What a Classic Schezo moment lmao wait this gave me an idea

    :D Lurkn Ssprdyllc:D Lurkn Ssprdyllc9 часов назад
  • How will Techno and his friends, the Syndicate, take down the Prison? Does Philza the ageless re-learn measurements of time? Will the Very-Angry Quackity and the Ever-So-Panicky Sam ever find Dream hiding in his toilet? Find out next time on...! _The Dream SMP_ scrapped line for formatting lmao: Do we ever find out how the dog even got in there?

    :D Lurkn Ssprdyllc:D Lurkn Ssprdyllc9 часов назад
  • Common we can do it One of us One of us 10 million 10 million ruin other utuber technoblade is more important subscribe nerds or techno will delete u r minecraft account Subscribe u nerd 10million

    Malhar SalunkeMalhar Salunke9 часов назад
  • Please tell me you are ok and you are not dying

    Bill cipherBill cipher10 часов назад
  • I forgor 💀

    Madhava LeventicMadhava Leventic10 часов назад
  • I just realized techno has all the infinity stones on his crown

    cod gamercod gamer10 часов назад
  • Would want to join and join ur team to destroy the government

    Brandon ChooBrandon Choo10 часов назад
  • 👑 🐷 Technoblade wow

    Ajay WalkerAjay Walker11 часов назад
  • Why is noone talking about how carl almost died-

    AtlasWasTakenAtlasWasTaken11 часов назад
  • i love how the thumbnail was kinda scary and intense lol.

    Sev Dev-99Sev Dev-9911 часов назад

    devil thingdevil thing11 часов назад
  • The piquant airbus substantively raise because bird opportunely burn over a far snowman. abounding, sordid rod

    Ashley SchmidAshley Schmid11 часов назад

    The blue sky of SunnyThe blue sky of Sunny12 часов назад
  • Sadist is gonna have a field day with this

    BearBear12 часов назад
  • quackity controlling his laugh when he got pushed lol

    Luna ALuna A12 часов назад
  • Bruh-uh-uh

    Mathew SaundersMathew Saunders12 часов назад
  • Hello

    GalaxylionGalaxylion12 часов назад
  • I love Techno and Dream.. but why would anyone watch this shit? So scripted and fake.

    Dr. DoomDr. Doom12 часов назад
    • Did you think this wasn't scripted?

      this is a cool name ok so yeah :)this is a cool name ok so yeah :)2 часа назад
  • TechNoHair

    Ahmed ShireAhmed Shire12 часов назад
  • Watching this from Siberia.

    Russian Attack FridgeRussian Attack Fridge12 часов назад
  • techno: uploads me and the fans: **stomp** **stomp** **stomp** WE SMELL TECHNO VIDEO REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Mr.Stupid ManMr.Stupid Man13 часов назад
  • Small note, but Phil is still wearing the purple ribbon, which honestly makes me very happy

    TwildTwild13 часов назад
  • hey techno, ive been a fan for awhile and i heard something about you being sick. i think i speak for everyone when i say im really hoping you get better. have a nice night!

    Kyler TheodoreKyler Theodore13 часов назад
  • Hi

    亮瑜 陳亮瑜 陳13 часов назад
  • I like you

    Ibrahim Laavee AbdullaIbrahim Laavee Abdulla14 часов назад
  • 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😅🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤭🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Ibrahim Laavee AbdullaIbrahim Laavee Abdulla14 часов назад
  • Happy to see you

    Ibrahim Laavee AbdullaIbrahim Laavee Abdulla14 часов назад
  • can't wait for part 2

    S77 gamingS77 gaming14 часов назад
  • whens the next lore stream?

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  • Bacon twerking

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  • 🐷🐷🐷

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  • Technoblade eating baked potato while watching Dream and Quackity are arguing

    EmjayPainEmjayPain15 часов назад
  • Non-climactic ending.

    MorshuDoesStuffMorshuDoesStuff15 часов назад